First Course

from 22 to 24€

Carpaccio of langoustine with Petrossian caviar condiment horseradish, mango, kiwi, pansy flower - 23€
Crispy Langoustine Thai sauce and seasoning, pak choi, cucumber, goa cress & a coriander coulis - 25€
King crab with turnip carpaccio kiwis, parmesan, "Mamie Fleur" vinaigrette - 24€
Slipper with truffle truffle bordelaise sauce - 26€
Our selection of Petrossian Caviar as an appetizer Daurenki
Ossetra - 14-17€
First Course

Main Course

from 39 to 49€

Paëlla Brugmann style horizo, octopus, soupions, peeled gambas, marsh beans, saffron - 39€
Shelled lobster carrot mousseline with hazelnut butter, olive oil with tarragon - 49€
Stuffed soupions piperade with chorizo, sweet potatoe mousseline - 32€
Braised calf sweetbread apple Anna, veal juice with tonka bean - 42€
Veal chop marinated in coffee and lovage chard, rhubarb with orange blossom - 42€
Pure fillet of Holstein beef white onion confit, dauphine potatoe, Foyot sauce - 52€
Main Course


from 12 to 14€

Selection of matured cheeses homemade toasted foccacia, sirop de Liège, baby leaves & dried fruits - 14€
Brugmann’s Dame Blanche crispy dulcey, Madagascar vanilla & Gianduja - 12€
Red fruits and Champagne red fruits sorbet, vanilla cream, red fruits and champagne sabayon -12€
Apricots with sage yogurt mouss, apricot compote, apricot-sage sorbet, iced-tea - 12€
Poached Fig creamy white chocolate, rice vinegar, honey ice cream, sesame espuma - 14€