First Course

from 16 to 24€
(excl. caviar)

New style devilled egg Meringue shell, hollandaise air, sesame and herbs

Crunchy langoustine Thai sauce and seasoning, pak choy, cucumber and coriander coulis

Semi-cooked Lobster carpaccio Samphire, raifort cheese, yuzu and jewels of the sea
Seasonal vegan plate Wakame seaweed, raw and cooked mushrooms, hazelnut and wasabi
Wild Argentinian red shrimp Served as a hand-cut tartare, confit kumquat, Oscietra caviar from Petrossian and shrimp reduction

Foie gras ravioli with summer truffle Rich truffle cream

Holstein 8-weeks matured beef Carpaccio, ice plant, blueberry dressing, focaccia & home-made pickles
Royal Daurenki caviar supplement for starters
Our selection of Petrossian Caviar Osciètre Royal 30g
Baeri Royal 30g
Daurenki Royal 12g
First Course

Main Course

from 28 to 36€

Crispy frog leg Garlic, watercress chlorophyll and « Ratte du Touquet » potato mousse

John Dory confit at 52°C Vegetable chlorophyll, pearls of jus, courgette flower & Oscietra caviar from Petrossian

Improved sole meunière Mousseline made with Ratte potatoes from Le Touquet, yuzu and brown butter
Roasted/glazed octopus Edamame, sea fennel, feta, gnocchi & young leaves

Our fish is delivered fresh every day, some fish may not always be available, please check with our maitre d'hotel
Iberian Pata Negra ham served on an oak platter Smoked carrot mousseline

Coucou des Malines grilled over a wood fire Ratte potatoes from Le Touquet, asparagus and short jus
Roasted veal sweetbreads with sage butter Shitake mushrooms, pomme Anna and truffle sauce
Main Course


from 10 to 18€

Plate of selected aged cheeses Toasted home-made focaccia, Liège syrup, young leaves and dried fruit
Dame Blanche BRUGMANN Chocolate shell, bourbon vanilla diplomat, chantilly cream and Araguani 72% chocolate sauce
Rosemary apricot Almond ice cream & bourbon vanilla
Red berries Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, gooseberries & pistachio ice cream
Soufflé of the day (Ideally, to be ordered at the beginning of the service, 12mn cooking time)
Accompanied with home-made ice cream
All about chocolate Burgundy Blackcurrant